Become a leader in the data-driven sports world of the 21st century.

We are currently accepting applications for fall
through June 15 on a space-available basis.

Columbia University’s master’s degree program in Sports Management, available part-time and full-time, trains professionals in all sectors of the sports industry by teaching specific management skills in the areas of finance, sports personnel management, law, sports marketing, and facility or event superintendence. The program accommodates:

  • young professionals who aspire to have a career in sports.
  • current sports professionals who want to enhance their current skill set and pursue advancement opportunities.
  • career-changing professionals who want to transition to a sports career.

Program Benefits

from industry leaders, including Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman, NBA veteran and sportscaster Len Elmore, former CBS Sports President Neal Pilson, former Division I Athletic Director M. Dianne Murphy, and sports analytics expert Vince Gennaro.

in New York City, the sports capital of the world, at the only Ivy League institution that offers a sports management M.S. program.

high-demand skills in marketing, finance, HR, intercollegiate athletics, facility and event management, and sport operations.

leading-edge know-how in digital sports media and sports analytics.

your management and leadership skills.

your knowledge beyond North America with courses in global sports.

internship opportunities at various sports organizations.

an elite Ivy League network of peers, industry experts, and more than 100 graduates working in management positions across the sports management industry.


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