Students from advanced undergraduates to professionals in a wide range of fields will find their professional development needs met by the Columbia Certification of Professional Achievement in Business. Offered both on campus and online, the rigorous curriculum helps students master business fundamentals in marketing, finance, and management while strengthening their strategic thinking skills.

Whether students are pursuing a Certification of Professional Achievement in Business from Columbia to build a foundation for their future MBA pursuit; to expand their knowledge in a specific field; to add new skills to a current position with on-the-job application of new knowledge; or to enhance their undergraduate or graduate work with a foundational business toolkit, our programs will help students work towards their individualized goals.

The Columbia Certification of Professional Achievement in Business offers two courses of study to prospective students.

Certification of Professional Achievement in Business: Available completely online, completely on campus or as a combination of both formats for both domestic and international students.
Advanced Certification of Professional Achievement in Business: Available on campus or in combination with select online courses for both domestic and international students.
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“Columbia’s Business Certification Program significantly helped me to build self confidence and boost my profile as I was transitioning from a management role to a leadership role.”Sandeep Anand
Director, Barclays Capital

Flexible Study Options


On Campus


Students have the opportunity to gain valuable credentials to enhance their qualifications for future study and professional advancement with the added value of attending classes on the Columbia University campus. Access to world-class libraries and other campus resources are available to students.

On campus courses meet once a week during the 15-week fall and spring sessions and twice a week during the six-week summer sessions.

Online students interact with faculty and fellow classmates with a cutting-edge social networking platform that extends and enhances the impact of the traditional learning experience. Courses include live online lectures with a combination of community-driven activities and self-study. The flexibility of the schedule allows for busy working professionals and students who may not live in New York City to participate.

Online courses are offered during six-week sessions in the summer and seven-week sessions in the spring and fall semesters.

Combination of On Campus and Online Study

International students studying on the Columbia University campus on a student visa may enroll in one online class each semester.

When choosing a combination of on campus and online study, bear in mind that the coursework is intensive and moves at a rapid pace, so good time management is imperative. All classes offered are graduate level, grade- and credit-bearing. The content for the online courses and on campus courses is the same. Students taking online courses will receive a Columbia transcript.

Students can also take online classes one semester and then on campus courses the following semester.

Online classes generally meet for live sessions from 8:45 to 9:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. On campus courses generally meet from 6 to 8:30 p.m., allowing students to opt for both an online class and on campus course during the same semester.

Application Deadlines

On-Campus Deadlines

International Students July 15
Domestic Students August 15
Summer Session 1
International Students May 1
Domestic Students May 14
Summer Session 2
International Students June 1
Domestic Students June 25
International Students November 15
Domestic Students January 5


Online Deadlines

Spring Session 1 January 5
Spring Session 2 March 15
Summer Session 1 May 15
Summer Session 2 June 26
Fall Session 1 August 15
Fall Session 2 October 15

Apply here for Fall or Spring. To apply for Summer, visit the Columbia Summer website.

Students seeking application guidance should contact the Office of Enrollment Management:

Office of Enrollment Management
School of Continuing Education
203 Lewisohn Hall
2970 Broadway, Mail Code 4119
New York, NY 10027-6902

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Current Student Advising

The structured support system offers guidance on course options, professional and graduate school preparation, and career advising.

Academic Advising for Enrolled Students
Brittney Nathaniel
Academic Advisor

Director, Postbaccalaureate Certifications
Gabriel Amor